Year 3

Year 3 – Hazel Spellings

Today, children have been given bespoke spellings to learn. Due to the amount of gaps from their year 1 and 2 spellings, they will have 2 weeks to learn and remember these spellings. Some are from year 1, 2 or year 3, therefore, each child’s weekly spellings are now unique to them.

In two weeks time, I will check the progress they have made. If words are still not spelt correctly, they will stay as the spellings until they are learnt. Spellings will stay bespoke for the foreseeable future. Please do not go above and beyond at home, we will also be allocating time in the day for children to practise their spellings. Any time spent at home or in the car practising is much appreciated.

Please note: it is paramount that children are bringing their homework diaries or black diaries to school everyday for any notes or comments. This makes it easy to communicate with home and for the spellings to be written down. If your child has lost their homework diary, black diaries will be given as a replacement.

Happy spelling!