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Food Glorious Food Group - Fair Trade Workshop

A group of children in Year 3/4 are involved in a project called  Food Glorious Food. The project involves Exeter primary schools setting up local community food groups – working together to learn all about food, where it comes from, and how it reaches us.

As part of the project the group attended a Fair Trade & Local workshop on spices during Fairtrade Fortnight. The children took part in activities to understand the meaning and importance of fair trade. They also learnt a great deal about spices, their history and use in cooking.



























There was lots of fun had identifying and tasting  different spices.

























There were VERY mixed responses to the crystallised ginger!














IMG_4425 IMG_4420





























On returning to school the children had a ‘Spread the Message’ challenge, this involved telling as many people as possible across the school what fair trade means and why it is important.


Here are the notes the children took at the workshop.

fair trade notes