Celebration Assembly

The children in in year 5 have been working hard this week after their Easter break. They have dissected flowers, written stories, learnt to use protractors, painted outside and Birch have been swimming!

This week we have celebrated role model behaviour from:

Caitlin: For working hard with her story writing.

Adam: For setting a good example with his behaviour.

Ally: For persevering with swimming

Kaci : For working well in maths and pushing herself


Our timetables rock stars this week were Brooke and Jaxon.


Well done to all of year 5 for the hard work! Keep it up!


Role Models and Timetable Champions!

Congratulations to Year 4’s timetable champions and role models this week- keep up the good work!

Art afternoon

Art afternoon

Year 4 were lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the wonderful weather this week and spent some time creating art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. He is famous for creating art in the natural world that only has a short lifespan. Some of the children’s recreations were fantastic!

Year 5 Homework 20.04.18

Year 5 homework this week is to complete set mathletics tasks online, reading, timetable practise and spellings.


This weeks spellings look at the suffix -ough and will be tested on Friday 27th April.















We are aware that some children struggled to access some of the set mathletics tasks due to not having flash player. We have reset new mathletics task (And hope the problem will stop). Please let us know if you still have any difficulties accessing this!

As always lunchtime club will be available Monday-Friday to complete any homework you are unable to do at home.


Year 5 Easter Homework

We would like you to write a book review about a book you have read either over Easter, or one you have read recently. You have to have really liked your book, as we want your review to persuade others to read it.

We will be sharing these in class on Friday April 20th. If you could, please bring the book into school on this day to share with your classmates.

The children were given a template they can use to help them with their review.

We can’t wait to read them.

All the best,

Miss Elliott and Miss Cseri.