EYFS – Pirate day – This Wednesday!

Avast ye……Its Pirate day in EYFS!

This Wednesday (11th July) we are inviting everyone to come in dressed as a pirate! (see what you can find but a stripey t shirt and pirate hat will be great!). We will be making eye patches, maps and telescopes at school with the children, so no need to provide these! We will spend the day dressed as Pirates and join in with pirate challenges and games.

Captain Sinker from Swashbucklers has been given an invitation to the ‘Pirate of the year awards’ but we need to make a ship that floats.

Please can you bring in any plastic food containers (mushroom, fruit trays, yogurt pots) that we can use to make ships!

Aargh me hearties, we look forward to seeing you!






EYFS has fun in the sun

We have had amazing fun in the sun trying to keep cool. There has been lots of learning too: counting in ones, counting in tens, singing songs. Pupils also helped Mrs Rowland to build a pirate ship and they even pretended to walk the long plank.



Book Sharing

The pupil’s in EYFS have had a lovely time book sharing in Mrs Jordan’s memorial garden. They really enjoyed the quiet space and sharing lots of amazing books, Thomas the Tank Engine was a favourite.



Playing with water in the sunshine

The pupils in  EYFS have had an amazing time outside enjoying the sunshine  and playing with the water tray and  equipment.  They  have been busy pouring water into different size containers, setting up water runs with plastic drainpipes, pouring water into different tubes, sailing  boats and squirting it everywhere.