Year 3

Year 3 – Weekly Spellings

Mr Gill and Miss Gowing hope you are having a fantastic break, please remember to check your Mathletic and Times Table Rockstar accounts over the half – term break.




Year 3 – Homework

Weekly Spellings

Times table Rockstars

This week’s Band of The Bands is certainly hotting up!

Will Rowan retain the TT vinyl for the fourth consecutive week?

It’s fantastic to see all the pupils engaging with the app and practising their times tables!

Times Table Rockstars Band battle


Remember to check your Mathletics accounts for assigned learning tasks!

Several pupils have said that they have found it difficult to access their accounts. Remember to include the hyphen in your login.


Year 3 Homework

This week's spellings

Every child’s Mathletics and TT Rockstar profile has now been updated, and there are a number of activities that need to be completed alongside the spellings and times tables homework.

The focus for TT Rockstars this week is COINS COLLECTED! A minimum of 1000 coins must be achieved by the homework deadline! Remember to go into garage as these are the times tables that have been specifically assigned to you!





Year 3 DT Homework

Make a bridge!

Over the last half term, year 3 have been solving a DT problem! We received a letter from a local resident asking for our help. As a year group we came up with the ideas to build a bridge to help Joe get across a river. Brilliantly, the children have investigated famous bridges and types of bridges and we now believe are experts in this field!

The last part of this investigation is to try and make a model bridge. We have found out about beam bridges predominately, however, children can create any bridge they can.

Your task:

Over the half term break, we would like you to spend some time creating a bridge out of any material you can get your hands on! We tried spaghetti bridges in class (which worked quite well), but you are welcome to try any material- which one did you find worked best? Your bridge needs to be strong and sturdy!

Your bridge can be any size and shape- this is your bridge so be as creative as you can!

If you have any questions please ask Mr Gill or Mrs Morris.

Get creating!!

Here are some images to help you think:

Year 3 – Hazel Spellings

Today, children have been given bespoke spellings to learn. Due to the amount of gaps from their year 1 and 2 spellings, they will have 2 weeks to learn and remember these spellings. Some are from year 1, 2 or year 3, therefore, each child’s weekly spellings are now unique to them.

In two weeks time, I will check the progress they have made. If words are still not spelt correctly, they will stay as the spellings until they are learnt. Spellings will stay bespoke for the foreseeable future. Please do not go above and beyond at home, we will also be allocating time in the day for children to practise their spellings. Any time spent at home or in the car practising is much appreciated.

Please note: it is paramount that children are bringing their homework diaries or black diaries to school everyday for any notes or comments. This makes it easy to communicate with home and for the spellings to be written down. If your child has lost their homework diary, black diaries will be given as a replacement.

Happy spelling!