Year 3

Year 3 – The Way Back Home

After the excitement of our Roman writing, we have turned our focus to a new text as inspiration for writing our own stories.

We have read the book and created story maps to help us remember and rehearse the story. Next, we will look at the structure of the story, thinking about how the story begins, what happens in the build up, what problem occurs, how the problem is resolved and finally how the story ends.


Year 3 – Science

We are looking at forces and magnets. Our learning on Friday focused on identifying push and pull forces.

Can you identify the type of force Isabelle, George and Nikki are applying?


Year 3 – Will you join the Romans?

As you are aware, the children have been learning about the Romans and recently had a day in the life of a Roman soldier. Watch the video below to gain a little insight into their learning experience. Keep your eyes peeled for their battle cry writing which will follow in the next week or so!



Year 3 – Homework

Weekly Spellings

It is important to remember to stay in your seat and put your hand up if you have a question. In recent weeks it has become a regular habit for some children to leave their seats and follow the teacher around the room.



Year 3 – Unwrapping of the class book!

With Christmas rapidly approaching and the nights drawing in, we have opted for a Christmas themed class story to complement the festive period. To spark curiosity and imaginative thinking in the children, we wrapped the book up like a present and played pass the parcel. With each layer of wrapping paper that was removed, a clue was revealed to provoke the children’s thoughts on what the book could be about. We had some fantastic predictions! We will see if they are correct.

The new class book is The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher.