Year 3

Year 3 – Roman Day

We took a step back in time and travelled to Ancient Rome! We had a fun filled day packed with loads of amazing experiences. We spent time handling and discussing the uses of a range of different ancient artefacts, practised battle formations, learnt the story of Boudicca and why the Roman’s invaded Britain, and so much more!

We have been inspired by what we have discovered about the Romans and will be using our knowledge to create a battle cry to encourage people to join the Roman army!


Year 3 – Homework

Here are this week’s spellings! Can you put them into sentences with different sentence openers?

Smiling from ear to ear,  Miss Gowing ate a quarter of Mr Gill’s chocolate cake on purpose.

Please remember to read everyday and practise your timetables!



Year 3 – Firework Poetry

To complement our firework inspired art, the children have created a range of firework poems that express their feelings about the magical and enthralling night.

We set the children the challenge of trying to include rhythm and rhyme, and a selection of onomatopoeias to make their writing more interesting and exciting to read.


Year 3 – Firework Art

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

We have been inspired by Bonfire Night to create some firework themed art using paints and different printing techniques.


Year 3 – Home Learning

The children have been given their weekly focused spellings and timetables as usual, however, this week they have also been given a range of  column addition and column subtraction calculations to work through to help develop and embed the learning we have been working on in school.

Homework is due in 8.11.18!