Year 5

Science: Forces

This week we have started a new topic in science. We have been looking at forces.

In our first lesson we looked at the force of gravity and learnt that the weight of an object is how hard gravity if pulling down on an object (measured in Newtons) and the mass of an object is how much matter is inside it (measured in g or kg).

Larger objects (like the Earth)  have a greater pull of gravity.

Through an experiment, we found out that the mass of an object is 100x greater than its weight. So 1N = 100g.

In these photos we are using forcemeters to measure the weight and mass of objects around our classroom.


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Year 5 Evacuee Day!

On Monday 26th November, all of year 5 will be spending the day as a WW2 evacuee!

Our current topic is WW2, we have been looking at the impact it had on Exeter, the Blitz and how it would have felt to be a child back then.

It would be great if they could come dressed up, ready for a day of WW2 activities. Here is a picture for inspiration:



Cannot wait to see their outfits!

Miss Elliott and Miss Cseri.

Year 5 visit Devon & Exeter Institution Library

On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th, year 5 visited Devon and Exeter Institution library where they enjoyed a workshop based on WW2.

The children were able to explore the library and see some of the features that survived the raids in Exeter during WW2. They also got to look at newspapers from the time of the war and see a book that had been hit by shrapnel. The children even found a secret door!

It was very interesting and a good introduction into our topic. We will be learning more about WW2 this term.

If you are interested in finding out more about the library please visit:




Willow's trip

Birch's Trip

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Year 5 Role models

We have celebrated excellent work and behaviour in our celebration assemblies

Year 5 spellings W/C 12.11.18

This week in spellings we will be looking at modifying and extending base words.

The words we will be learning are:











Our super spellings are:




These will be tested on Friday 16th November.

Additional homework: reading and mathletics.


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