Year 5

Year 5 Christmas Song

Year 5 are singing “Somewhere only we know’ in our KS2 Christmas production. Please use this video if you want to learn the words and practise at home.

Portal Music

While we were exploring different types of portal, we also looked at the music and sounds that were linked to creating an atmosphere. We discussed the tempo of the music and how we could use different instruments to create different sounds.

Year 5 Enter a Portal…

This week in writing we have been looking at different stories where characters go through a portal into a new world.

We have watched clips from:

  • Harry Potter, where Harry and Hagrid walk through a wall into Diagon Alley.
  • Narnia, where Lucy walks through a wardrobe into Narnia.
  • Monsters Inc, where the monsters walk through doors into different bedrooms.

We then went through our own portal in school which led us into a rainforest! Have a look at some of the pictures that show how excited, scared and curious we were feeling as we went into a new world.

Celebration Assembly

In today’s celebration assembly we celebrated the hard work of all the children this half term.

We discussed some of our favourite things of year 5 so far which included: playing with new friends, space project, PE, maths and story writing in English.

Here are pictures of some of our role models from this half term who have been celebrated for their hard work, positive attitude towards learning and determination.


Role Models

Year 5 Art and Space

This week we have enjoyed create some space themed art work.

Have a look at some of our creations.