Year 5

World War 2

Year 5 have been enjoying their history topic learning all about WW2.

They had a guest speaker, Mr Morris, come in to talk to them about the Blitz. They also got to see what rations they would have to live on if they lived during WW2.

The children have looked at some artefacts from WW2 and Mrs Stanner brought in some medals.

WW2 art work and writing coming soon!

WW2 Diaries

Willow Kayaking Trip

A few weeks ago year 5 enjoyed a great day out kayaking on the River Exe.  After learning about rivers from source to mouth, it was  a great opportunity to join in with some of the fun you can have on the river!

We may have got a little bit wet but we had lots of fun!

Enjoy a selection of pictures we took throughout the day!

Year 5 Spelling Homework

This weeks homework is to complete mathletics tasks, read every night, timetable rockstars and practise spellings.

This week we will be looking at words with the prefix -ir and -in.

Our spelling test will be on Friday 22nd June.

Have a great weekend!

    First attempt Second attempt Third attempt
1. irregular      
2. irritate      
3. incredible      
4. inactive      
5. irresponsible      
6. irresistible      
7. irreplaceable      
8. invisible      
9.  incurable      
10. ingrowing      
  Super Spellings    
11. physical      
12.  variety      

Devon & Somerset Fire Service

Today 2 members of the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service came to talk to us in year 5 about how to stay safe if there is a fire.

We learnt how to STOP – DROP & ROLL if our clothes are on fire.

We found out that we need to test our smoke alarms once a week.

If we see a fire, we have to get out, stay out and call 999.

We also learnt about what a hoax call is, and we know how serious it is to make a hoax call, putting other people’s lives in danger.

This afternoon we made posters and leaflets telling people how they can stay safe too!


Today in year 5!

We have had an exciting day in year 5 today! It all started when a mysterious creature left a footprint on the field….

We went out to investigate, take photos and make notes of what we thought it could be!

Some of us described it as:

  • As tall as a skyscraper
  • As heavy as a rhino
  • Long hairy toes
  • Ginormous beast with point ears

We then wrote character descriptions describing what we though it could be.. what do you think it is?

Then this afternoon in geography, we went for a walk by the River Exe to look for the features of a river we had learn including flood plains, meanders and confluences.

We saw lots of wildlife that use the river and a pedalo.