What is covered in our school curriculum?

As a maintained school, we follow the 2014 National Curriculum as a basis for our curriculum. However, we also cover other areas not laid out and these can vary depending on key events during the year etc.

We operate a cross curricular approach, blending a variety of delivery innovations across the curriculum.  The school also delivers learning that is beyond the national curriculum, deepening and widening understanding of the content being covered. As a school we operate a cross curricular approach, however, we ensure every individual subject is planned for extensively.

From the 2017- 18 academic year, children have been taught in single-aged classes (2 per year group) with partner teachers planning closely together to ensure consistency. This continues for the 2018-19 year also.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please contact Mr Edge (Head of School).

Curriculum Map 2018/19

Please note these plans are used as a guide only and changes will occur as the units are taught:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Montgomery Whole School Computing Curriculum 2018/19

EYFS and Key Stage 1 Reading Scheme

At Montgomery Primary School we use The Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme as part of our strategy for teaching reading.

You can find out more about the scheme here:

Oxford Reading Tree .

Learning Phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1

The children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 follow Letters and Sounds principles and practice for teaching and learning phonics.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education – British Values and Montgomery Values

At Montgomery we have a core vision and purpose. We have created a set of ‘Montgomery Values’ that we feel ensures ‘British Values’ are at the heart of all we do, while at the same time expressing our own school’s ethos and culture.

We teach the below values alongside other areas of the curriculum, within a cross curricular approach. We also offer discrete teaching about the below values, including in assemblies, class work and small group approaches.

Additionally, the school offers a highly effective social emotional approach to education – THRIVE. We have a team of specialist practitioners who, alongside the class teacher, ensure that every child fulfils their potential.  This approach ensures children are supported to develop secure and positive emotions across their school lives and beyond, preparing them for the next stage of education exceptionally well.

The below are the 5 ‘R’s forming the Montgomery Values

Respect for Yourself

We value and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-knowledge in order to position our students to succeed.

Respect for the Law

Pupils should know right from wrong but understand and respect the limits of free speech and personal freedom.

Respect for your Society and Your World

Pupils should recognize the value of making a positive contribution to society and the greater world. This includes taking care of our environment.

Respect for Your Own and Other Cultures

Pupils should value “Britishness” as well as cross-cultural harmony, acceptance and understanding.

Respect for Democracy

Pupils should value the liberty, freedom and choice afforded by our form of government.