Here at Montgomery we are committed in supporting our children to make sure they achieve their very best in all areas of life. With this as our guide, the PE team at Montgomery have previously worked collaboratively with other schools within ‘Exeter Children’s Federation’ and ‘Connect Education Trust’, to develop specialised programmes with the aim of enriching the lives of children and contributing to the learning and teaching process of physical education within all schools in the learning community.

As part of the Enrichment Programme we identify children that will benefit from the additional support we can offer, from children with who are disengaged with physical activity, to children that show excellence in PE.

Below are some of the things we offer on the programme-

Inter-school competitions

The schools in the partnership regularly compete against one another in a range of sports. Pupils across KS2 are selected from their PE lessons to represent their school within the inter-school tournament.

More Able PE Group

This is the process of identifying, selecting, providing for and supporting the most able pupils in our schools. Children will be identified from their PE lessons and be placed into an extended PE programme to enhance their holistic progression within PE and sport.


  • To identify, challenge and support more able pupils within the PE curriculum.
  • To encourage the expression of talent and empower pupils to recognise the benefits and challenges of being a talented performer.
  • To set more able pupils targets which encourage them to work to their full potential within school.
  • To identify and support more able pupils who are potentially able to perform at a level that exceeds that which is expected for their age.
  • To help more able pupils develop the personal qualities which will enable them to maximise their potential.

PE Support groups

The PE support groups will provide extra PE provision for pupils that are identified as children that would benefit from some additional time and support. By participating in the programme, pupils will enhance their confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, teamwork, enjoyment and health. There are two support groups, one aimed at children with low attainment/ confidence in PE, and the other for children who are inactive or disengaged from physical activity or PE.


  • To identify, challenge and support pupils who are either underachieving in PE, or would receive personal benefits from additional PE provision
  • To raise enjoyment and attainment levels of disengaged or underachieving PE pupils
  • To set pupils targets which encourage them to work to their full potential within PE lessons and across the school.
  • To help pupils develop the personal qualities which will enable them to maximise their potential.

Fun Fit

The aim of Fun Fit is to improve a child’s co-ordination skills and underlying postural stability and balance. The sessions will also work on specific skills such as eye-hand co –ordination, body awareness and ball skills. Children attending a Fun Fit group at the beginning of the school day are more able to concentrate for the rest of the day.

Enrichment days

The schools in the partnership host a series of events for enrichment groups. These events focus on recognising the talents of gifted children in a variety of physical activities, and challenging these pupils to fulfil their potential in the subject, while inspiring those less able or disengaged to participate in sport to enhance their progression.

Children that participate will get individual training programmes that they can take home to try in their spare time.

The key aims of the Enrichment days are:-

  • To provide additional learning opportunities and environements for identified groups
  • To challenge the abilities of identified groups of PE pupils in order to help them recognise their potential
  • To bridge the gap between school sports participation, and outside clubs and agencies
  • To create links for sports participation in local, county and national representative teams
  • To benchmark less and more able PE pupils across the range of local schools

Young Sports Coach Award

The Young Sports Coach Award gives children in Year 6 an opportunity to participate in sporting activities as a leader or coach. Pupils in this programme will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills and practice planning and delivering a range of different sports sessions for younger pupils, from PE lessons to events and competitions.

Healthy Living Ambassadors

This programme gives the opportunity for pupils from Year 5 to learn about everything they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Pupils will develop their knowledge of Anatomy, Nutrition, Sports Training & Performance, and Health & Well-Being. These pupils will take on the responsibility of encouraging and inspiring healthy lifestyles across the school.