Willow’s tour of nativities

Willow class had the opportunity to attend the Exeter Festival of Nativities at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Wonford Road.

The class had great fun looking the different nativity scenes, dressing up and making their own christmas cards.


Amazing Air Resistance

In our last science lesson we learnt about the effects of air resistance.

In groups we created parachutes and launched them out of the window in hope they would protect an egg!

We found that the larger parachutes with a big surface area fell slower, this was because they faced more air resistance which helped to protect the egg.

There were only a few breakages!




Year 3 – The Way Back Home

After the excitement of our Roman writing, we have turned our focus to a new text as inspiration for writing our own stories.

We have read the book and created story maps to help us remember and rehearse the story. Next, we will look at the structure of the story, thinking about how the story begins, what happens in the build up, what problem occurs, how the problem is resolved and finally how the story ends.


Science Morning

We were lucky enough to have an amazing team of people from Colyton Grammar school, in this morning. They were teaching us all about friction. We were apart of some very fun science experiments and got to complete some of our own.

We sat in hover chairs, had a tug of war over a yellow pages, rode skateboards and made our very own mini hover boards! It was a very exciting morning.

They will be back again next term to look at some of the experiments we complete in school.


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