Food Bank

On Monday we had a whole school assembly organised by the School Parliament to introduce everyone to the work the local food bank does.

School Parliament are planning on raising donations through support of children and parents. They will then visit the food bank and report back to the rest of the children, learning about what happens there and where the food goes.


Frankie has written this report that has been shared with the children:


The manager of Exeter Foodbank came to our school assembly on Monday 30th April.

You can bring in some food to donate to people who can’t afford it. They store food at the Orange Elephant until a family who needs it takes it home. All food has to be dried, tinned and longline.

Please bring in your donation by the 17th May. Some families find it very hard to afford their food. Even if you donate 1 can of baked beans you could make a difference. On busy weeks they give away about a tonne of food (that is the same weight as a fully grown polar bear!) Every week Exeter Foodbank give food to over 100 people. Last year they gave food to over 5000 people, including 17000 children.

Top priority items : Rice (500g) and loo rolls

Medium priority items: Rice pudding tins, fish (tuna) tins, tinned meat balls, pasta sauce, noodles and pasta snacks, sponge puddings, milk-UHT, semi-skimmed & instant coffee.


We look forward to receiving your generous donations!