Year 3 – English

Year 3 – English: Non – Chronological Report Writing

This term in year 3, we have an over arching theme of the Amazon Rainforest. We have tried to weave this through all of our learning, with English being no exception.

We have been looking at a variety of non – chronological reports to identify their key layout features as well as the sentence structure that is associated with these types of text.

A nonchronological report is a non-fiction text which gives information on a particular subject. It is sometimes called a nonchronological report as it gives information without referring to the order in which things happen.

We have used the Christmas home learning as a basis for the information that has gone  into our reports.


Year 3 – The Way Back Home

After the excitement of our Roman writing, we have turned our focus to a new text as inspiration for writing our own stories.

We have read the book and created story maps to help us remember and rehearse the story. Next, we will look at the structure of the story, thinking about how the story begins, what happens in the build up, what problem occurs, how the problem is resolved and finally how the story ends.


Year 3 – Firework Poetry

To complement our firework inspired art, the children have created a range of firework poems that express their feelings about the magical and enthralling night.

We set the children the challenge of trying to include rhythm and rhyme, and a selection of onomatopoeias to make their writing more interesting and exciting to read.