Year 3 – History

Year 3 – Will you join the Romans?

As you are aware, the children have been learning about the Romans and recently had a day in the life of a Roman soldier. Watch the video below to gain a little insight into their learning experience. Keep your eyes peeled for their battle cry writing which will follow in the next week or so!



Year 3 – Roman Day

We took a step back in time and travelled to Ancient Rome! We had a fun filled day packed with loads of amazing experiences. We spent time handling and discussing the uses of a range of different ancient artefacts, practised battle formations, learnt the story of Boudicca and why the Roman’s invaded Britain, and so much more!

We have been inspired by what we have discovered about the Romans and will be using our knowledge to create a battle cry to encourage people to join the Roman army!


What did the Romans eat?


During this lesson, the children became archaeologists who discovered, examined, and recorded their findings of the past. They were set the task of trying to identify what the Romans ate based on stool samples. Through dissecting the samples, ¬†they discovered that the Roman’s diet consisted of melons, olives, bread, oranges and lemons. They also found small stones that had accidentally been eaten as a result of the grinding process to make the bread.

They had fun getting mucky and doing some hands on history!